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UK/US/Japan CD Junior Boy's Own / Freestyle Dust / Virgin Records (UK/Europe/Japan), XDUSTCD1 (Japan catalogue number unknown) Astralwerks ASW (US) 6157-2

    01 Leave Home (5:32)
      02 In Dust We Trust (5:17)
        03 Song To The Siren (3:16)
          04 Three Little Birdies Down Beats (5:38)
            05 Fuck Up Beats (1:25)
              06 Chemical Beats (4:50)
                07 Chico's Groove (4:48)
                  08 One Too Many Mornings (4:13)
                    09 Life Is Sweet (6:33)
                      10 Playground For A Wedgeless Firm (2:31)
                        11 Alive Alone (5:16)

                        The former Dust Brothers make oblique reference to litigation averted on their debut full-length. The Chemical Brothers' sound is big on bombast, replete with screeching guitar samples and lots of sirens and screaming divas. A breakthrough album of sorts, Exit Planet Dust was, upon its release, one of the few European post-techno albums to make any sort of headway into the stateside market.