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click here for the glastonbury 2007 torrent(s)!!


FIVE DAYS TO GO TO HMH!!! 29 JUNE!! will upload some photo's ;-)


click here to download a zip file with all you need to skin your myspace page.


click here to download a zip file full of WATN banners for your website.


Do it again released!! formats are: 12",7"(ltd.), maxi-cd single. These are the EU releases!


Album rescheduled, because the artwork isn't ready yet. The album will be released 2nd July!!


The official cover (no official announcement yet!!) click here


TRACKLISTING NEW ALBUM: 1. No Path To Follow 2. We Are The Night 3. All Rights Reserved Ft. The Klaxons 4. Saturate 5. Do It Again Ft. Ali Love 6. Das Spiegel 7. The Salmon Dance Ft. Fatlip 8. Burst Generator 9. A Modern Midnight Conversation 10. Battle Scars. Ft Willy Mason 11. Harpoons 12. The Pills Won't Help You Now Ft. Midlake.


CONFIRMED: albums name is ''we are the night''!! collabration with the klaxons and ali love!!! live show at The Roundhouse in London!!! omg people...!!! :-)


OOOO PEOPLEEEE!!!! i can only say we are the night!!! this will sounds like the old days: electronic and hard! check the new site


I putted my collection online click here to see it!! enjoy!!


The new electronic battle weapons are relesead!! if you want to buy them it's too late, the 100 copies are given away. I got one of them!! :-)


Albums release date announced, click here (thanks to Joslyn from the chems forum).


EROL ALKAN updates very often his top 5, and huh? new EBW's! by the chems!

Top 5 Dancefloor - Updated 08/12/06

1. Electronic Battle Weapon 8 & 9 - Chemical Brothers (Freestyle Dust)

2. Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Rework) - Klaxons (Rinse)

3. Look What You've Done To Me (MUSTAPHA3000 Remix) - Voodoo Chilli (Speaker Junk)

4. Phantom - Justice (Ed Banger)

5. Konk - Unknown (CDR)


New (probably) tourdates: here's a link to the forum were you can see the new tourdates, or reserve the tickets!! 7-7-07 in paris zenith festival, 3-5-07 in munich germany!


The Chemical Brothers are going to play at the M2 INDOOR FESTIVAL a 3hour dj set :D timetable and a map of the festival can be found here SOMEONE PLZZZZ RECORD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chemical Brothers working on new songs miloco2forum said: our new songs are sounding psychedlic, electronic and melodic! w00t!


SITE ONLINE! questions? e-mail to: dennie_brouns@hotmail.com.